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Food and nutrition

We firmly believe that good nutrition is essential for the development of your child. They receive a balanced diet including several servings of fruits and vegetables per day, to help support their level of physical energy but also to feed their thirst for learning and creating.

Here is an example of our menus!

SnackYogourt with fruitWild fruit compoteCranberry cookie ApricotYogourt and GranolaDate cookie Corn flakes
LunchCouscous salad
Brussel sprouts
Chicken primavera
14 grain bread
Shepard’s pie
Beets Banana
Chef salad
Vegetarian macaroni with lentil au gratin
Canary Melon
Tofu dumpling with salsa sauce
Rice pilaf
Macedonia Romanesco
Salmon loaf
Green and yellow beans Cauliflower
SnackDate squaresMaple muffinCheese with vegetables & triscuitsPita and soy butterHummus and breton

*Refer on site for the actual weekly menu.