Born from the initiative of a group of parents, from Bedford and the local region, with the desire to offer their children a childcare service with an installation, our CPE, Le Château des Frimousses, was founded in December 1999.
We are a non-profit organization that is recognized by the Ministry of the Families which offers 80 places for children ages 0 to 5 years, in which 15 are reserved for infants (0-18 months). Warm and attentive to the needs of the children, our team is composed of fifteen educators, a cook, an educational advisor, a director, and an accounting clerk.
We also must mention the contribution of the board of directors, composed of 7 members, 6 of which are parent users and 1 member of the community. They all work together to ensure that the CPE is a healthy, secure, and a stimulating place for the children and their families.


Offering a welcoming, supportive environment allows for the ability to observe and understand the needs and interest of the child. This in return allows for appropriate interventions enabling each child to develop globally through play and daily experiences, all supported and encouraged by the educators. This whole process will contribute in building our citizens of tomorrow.


Our mission is to offer a quality educational childcare service, to preschoolers and their families in a bilingual community (french-english). Our childcare service offers a stimulating environment that promotes play and discovery. Our qualified educators apply the educational HighScope program which allows to offer varied educational activities while respecting the requirements of the Ministry of the Family (laws, regulations, pedagogy) and promoting the overall development of the child.

Personnals informations

Childcare centres, like other businesses, are subject to the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, the purpose of which is to establish rules concerning the management of personal information that a person or an organization may collect, hold, use or disclose to third parties.
The CPE Le château des Frimousses has always adopted practices that respect the confidentiality of personal information that we hold on parents and children as well as on our staff. It is essential to continue to act in this direction, in compliance with a stricter framework from the Commission d’accès à l’information, which has the mandate to supervise the application of the law.
In order to ensure the internal management of the obligations of the law, the board of directors has appointed the director general of the CPE, Ms. Véronic Lapierre, as the person responsible for the protection of personal information. You can contact her by email at gestion@chateaufrimousses.net or by phone at 450-248-4555 #103.
If a possible incident of breach of confidentiality leads to serious harm, the persons concerned as well as the Commission will be informed.